phpMyAdmin setup

SQL queries

SQL queries

SQL queries settings.

Documentation Defines whether SQL queries generated by phpMyAdmin should be displayed.
Documentation Whether a warning ("Are your really sureā€¦") should be displayed when you're about to lose data.
Documentation How many queries are kept in history.
Documentation If enabled, phpMyAdmin continues computing multiple-statement queries even if one of the queries failed.
Documentation Maximum number of characters used when a SQL query is displayed.
Documentation Defines whether the query box should stay on-screen after its submission.
Documentation Use user-friendly editor for editing SQL queries (CodeMirror) with syntax highlighting and line numbers.
Documentation Find any errors in the query before executing it. Requires CodeMirror to be enabled.
Documentation Autocomplete of the table and column names in the SQL queries.
Documentation Default value for foreign key checks checkbox for some queries.
Documentation Enable if you want DB-based query history (requires phpMyAdmin configuration storage). If disabled, this utilizes JS-routines to display query history (lost by window close). 
SQL Query box

Customize links shown in SQL Query boxes.